Where Did Phlebotomy Training Come From?

Phlebotomy Training Services are one of the most established providers of phlebotomy training the UK. We feel like we are an integral part of the phlebotomy network in the UK. However, it wasn’t always this way. We have slowly and steadily climbed our way to be classed as one of top the phlebotomy training providers […]

The Epidemic Nobody is Talking About

We are currently in the midst of an epidemic, that is almost global in its nature. It is massively prevalent in western civilisation and it affects every aspect of our being, from birth to death. Its symptoms include Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and poor mental health. As well as health implications, this epidemic costs […]

Phlebotomy Training Services on the BBC!

In a recent article we spoke about how Phlebotomy Training Services were featured on a TV show in which a man made a black pudding using his own blood as an ingredient. But that was definitely more of a backstage feature. However, recently Alison and Emily were very much in the lime light! The BBC […]

More Fantastic Feedback

At Phlebotomy Training Services we hold ourselves to very high standards. The training we offer is, we believe, the best available if you want to become a practicing phlebotomist. We consider every student that passes our course, and uses their newly found skills, as validation for this opinion. When students pass our course we pat […]