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Phlebotomy Training Services (PTS) are fully comprehensive Phlebotomy Training Providers. We offer several courses, each aimed at a different level of development. Each of our courses is tailored to certain experience levels, therefore we work with two Awarding Bodies, AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group and NOCN.

PTS work with AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group to offer our Basic Phlebotomy Course which is a two day course, One day Advanced course, Clinical Experience course and a one day Point of Care Testing (finger prick) course.

The Basic Course runs over two days, normally over a weekend.  By the end of it you will have all the necessary basic skills to work as a Phlebotomist.

The Clinical Experience course allows you the chance of real-world phlebotomy and will give you a chance to practice taking blood from patients, under the supervision of a mentor.

The Point of Care Testing (finger prick) will teach you how to take and analyse samples of capillary blood taken using a safety lancet and a point of care analyser

Our Advanced Phlebotomy course is open to those who have taken the Basic phlebotomy course and have experience taking blood. Learners will be shown and taught how to take blood from the feet and hands of patients. They will also be taught the proper use of butterfly system and how to deal with more difficult patients.

PTS are at the forefront of Phlebotomy Training in the UK.

Since 2007 we have helped thousands of people become Phlebotomists and start their careers. But now we are able to offer much more than that.

Working with NOCN, and One Awards we have developed a Diploma in Phlebotomy. Currently, the weekend course we offer is enough to get you up and away working as a Phlebotomist. The new Diploma means that, once you have attained it, you will be a Fully Qualified Phlebotomist with a qualification that is Nationally recognised.

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