Phlebotomy Training Services on the BBC!

In a recent article we spoke about how Phlebotomy Training Services were featured on a TV show in which a man made a black pudding using his own blood as an ingredient. But that was definitely more of a backstage feature.

However, recently Alison and Emily were very much in the lime light!

The BBC have started a new TV show in which 12 applicants are put through their paces to see if they have what it takes to be an astronaut. Suitably named, the show is called ‘Astronauts – do you have what it takes?’

In the first episode of the TV series the applicants had to learn how to take their own blood, a skill that is vital for space travel so they can constantly keep track of their health. And guess who were the lucky phlebotomists giving the lesson? Our very own Alison and Emily!

All the students took to it perfectly, which is probably down to a combination of their aptitude and our skills as teachers.

You can view the episode (for a short time) here.

At Phlebotomy Training Services give our services to both domestic and commercial clients. In the past we have worked with some huge organisations, such as GE Healthcare and Loughborough University, and we are delighted that we can now add astronauts to that list!

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