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There are two systems used in the UK for collecting blood – the evacuated system and the S-Monovette system. We teach you how to use, and give you the opportunity to practice with both. We do not limit the amount of equipment that is available to you – you can practice for as long as you like and use as many needles and bottles as you like.

All of our courses are accredited by AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group

Our accredited courses have real value to the pupils we train, and are recognised across the healthcare sector. The most common ‘basic’ course requires you to undertake 5 pieces of written work which we will support you through the process – just call or email us and we’re happy to help.

Teachers – Not Trainers

Phlebotomy Training Services insist that all of their tutors are not only experts in their field but also trained teachers.

Our phlebotomy teachers not only have the skills and expertise that you require but have undertaken teacher training, and understand the best way to pass the information on to their students in a fun, varied and concise manner. Hopefully, as one of our learners, you will develop the same passion for phlebotomy as our tutors.


Low teacher : Pupil ratio

If you attend a PTS venepuncture course you don’t just get the help of one highly trained teacher. The industry standard is to have one trainer to every twelve students (1:12), but some companies can have as many as twenty-five students on one course and only one trainer (1:25) We rarely have 12 students, usually have no more than 10 and we ensure there is at least 1 PTS employee to each 6 pupils on the second day of the course

Meet Our Team

Alison Purkiss

Company Director, Tutor

Alison is the rock that PTS is built around. She is thought of as one of the most experienced and well-informed phlebotomists in the UK, and has worked as an advisor to the BBC, amongst other organisations.

Alison founded PTS in 2007 after seeing a lack of quality phlebotomy training provided in the UK. She wanted to offer a course which put the student above all things, and ensured that the next crop of practising phlebotomists are the best ever.

Outside of work, (when she has a minute) Alison loves cycling and is a staunch advocate of human and ethical rights. She also has a personal blog in which she writes about phlebotomy, amongst other things

Andrew Purkiss

Director, Tutor & Technical Assistant

Andrew has a background in Rural Land and Property Management and in his own words “he messed about with farms for a living”.

Andrew has been working with PTS from the first course back in 2007 in Newcastle, but became a full-time member of staff in 2012.

He trains all the technical assistants and also teaches the NDR & Basic courses. He also continually supports all the tutors as a technical assistant.

Andrew is responsible for managing all the equipment (arms, hands, feet and pads). So, if the tutors need a new vein in the pad its Andrew they go to for help.

He also took it upon himself to manage our Facebook page and Twitter account and so keeps our graduate and new learners up to date with all things phlebotomy.

Andrew loves to go to the gym and has an unhealthy relationship with his fatbike.

Sara Purkiss Ayre

Office Manager

After studying fashion at Huddersfield University, and working as a manager in a Dorothy Perkins, Sara wanted a change of scenery and so came to work for PTS in 2013.

Sara obtained a Foundation Degree in Leadership and Management in 2015. As office manager, Sara is responsible for all general officer duties such as ordering office supplies, looking after all outstanding invoices, chasing bad depts and producing invoices for new sales.

However, Sara’s the main duties are dealing with the certification process, registration of each learner and then sending out the certificates when they arrive in the office.

Sara also co-ordinates all our office functions such as Christmas Lunch or the charity events which we do each year.

On a personal level, Sara loves a bit of yoga and attends soul circus festival every year.

Kim Duke

Accounts Manager

Kim joined PTS in early 2008 and looks after our accounts and ensures that the bank balances every week. Kim is responsible for wages and doing the end of year accounts.

Kim started her career in Easby, Bedale just after leaving school during which time she did a three year course in AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians).

Kim become self-employed in 2001 and works for a large number of business throughout the UK. Kim is a whizz with a calculator; I have never seen anyone move their fingers so fast!

Just a few of the companies we've worked with


Fantastic service, Alison and Andrew are great teachers. I thoroughly enjoyed this programme. Thank you!

Sophia Kitan Olaifa
July 11, 2023

I attended the Phlebotomy training course in York on the 4th to 5th February 2023 I thought the course was really well developed.The facilitators Andrew & Allison where great, fantastic knowledge of their discipline lots of tentive support and a lot of practice balanced with theroy.

john fox
February 11, 2023

Alison and Andrew are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about all things phlebotomy! They are encouraging and supportive and deliver a course designed to give learners the skills to take blood confidently and safely.

Helen Bianchi
February 11, 2023

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