More Fantastic Feedback

At Phlebotomy Training Services we hold ourselves to very high standards. The training we offer is, we believe, the best available if you want to become a practicing phlebotomist. We consider every student that passes our course, and uses their newly found skills, as validation for this opinion.

When students pass our course we pat ourselves on the back, and call it a job well done. However, when students get back in contact to tell us how much they enjoyed the course, or to tell us about the work they have since found, well, that just warms our cockles a little bit more.

Here are a few snippets of thanks and praise we have received recently:

‘The course was brilliant and I really enjoyed it. Emily and Jo were very helpful, amazing and friendly. Thanks for everything and I really recommend it for everyone who wants to be a phlebotomist.’ – S.S Manchester

‘All in all this course was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and it is a skill that I will carry forward with me for the rest of my career as a research scientist. At the time of writing I have now completed 5 successful blood draws and am really enjoying it. – S.B Dublin

‘In summary this training was very interesting and knowledgeable. A Few days after the training I got a chance to take blood in my work place, I did remember all the steps correctly and got blood at the first try. My employer was very happy that she sent me’ – B.C. Brighton

‘Just wanted to let you know that I was successful at my interview, they offered me the job, which is absolutely fantastic, it’s 10 min away and is mainly between school hours. I can’t even put in words how grateful I am to you for all your help. I will definitely recommend the course for everyone. Thanks again so much, C.’

We’re pretty pleased with those.

To find out how we can help you start a new path in life, or career as a phlebotomist, just call us on 01609 751 610.