Point of Care Testing

Point of Care Testing

The Point of Care Testing Course from Phlebotomy Training Services will enable participants to gain the skills to correctly use a safety lancet to obtain a capillary blood sample, to use an on-site analyser to obtain results and to undertake a basic interpretation of those results, if appropriate.

This course falls into three main parts:

  • General instruction as to how to take a capillary sample
  • How to use your analyser of choice
  • A practical demonstration and assessment of the skills you have learned

All the courses at Phlebotomy Training Services are accredited by One Awards, including our Point of Care Testing Course. This means that all our courses are recognised and accepted by industry professionals. As far as we are aware, we are the only Phlebotomy Training Provider in the UK who offers a fully accredited Point of Care Testing Course.

We offer this course to individual and commercial clients, and tailor the course according to each client’s needs.

The course will cover:

  • What is a Capillary
  • Health and Safety and Needlestick Injuries
  • Infection Control
  • Site Selection
  • Equipment required
  • Collection technique
  • Procedure
  • Use of an analyser
  • Basic interpretation of results
  • Practical session and Assessment

To find out more about the structure of the course, or how you can book one for yourself or team, just contact us here or call 01609 751 610.