Cannulation Course

Accredited by One Awards and will enable qualified practitioners to safely carry out cannulation.

The Cannulation Course is an advanced course that Phlebotomy Training Services offer. Due to the highly invasive nature of cannulation it is not something we teach on the basic course, instead we have to teach this technique on a course unto itself.
A Cannula (taken from the Latin for small reed) is used when a doctor or practitioner wants to place fluids inside a patient. These might be bloods, antibiotics or drugs.

Cannulation, by its very nature, is a highly invasive procedure which requires the practitioner to carry out the work correctly and within an aseptic field.

The cannulation course offered by Phlebotomy Training Services and accredited by One Awards will enable and qualify the practitioner to safely carry out cannulation.

The course covers:

Site selection, including suitable veins for cannulation

Anatomy and physiology of the arm and hand

Complications associated with cannulation

Using a tourniquet

Setting up an aseptic field

Correct insertion of the cannula and applying a dressing

Flushing a cannula

Different sizes of cannula

Safely removing the cannula

Disposal of clinical waste and all sharps

In the past Phlebotomy Training Services have taught this course to both professional and private clients. To find out how to book on to our cannulation course just call us on 01609 751 610.


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