A Bit About the ACLT

It is a little known fact that race is a key factor in blood and marrow donation. In the UK, white people have a 90% chance of finding both a blood and marrow donor should the need arise, but sadly the same cannot be said for the Asian or black community. If you are black and in the UK then you only have a 20% chance of finding a compatible marrow donation, despite black people being 3 times more likely to develop kidney issues. It is similar if you are Asian: out of 1.4 million blood donors registered on the NHS only 1.6% are Asian. The charity ACLT are working toward promoting blood and bone marrow donations so that people with blood cancer have more hope or survival. PTS are huge advocates of this charity, whom you can learn more about by watching the below video.


The Use of PRP Therapy in Dentistry

Within the world of dentistry, research is always being conducted to find new, innovative ways to ease healing processes for patients. When it comes to implants and dental surgeries, clients can feel apprehensive about the aftermath. This is why it’s essential to consider therapies that can speed up the healing process and make it a more comfortable experience.

A long term goal of research was to find a treatment that reduced bleeding and encouraged rapid soft-tissue healing. During the wound healing process, platelets are among the first cells to respond. This is critical to the initiation of healing.

The major effects of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) are derived from PDGF, which has been highlighted as an essential protein for tissue healing. This treatment is commonly used within dentistry following implants and tooth extractions and is mostly offered to elderly patients as they are at higher risk of diseases and infections following a procedure.

Used in a gel formulation, PRP Treatment is created by extracting blood from a patient and separating healthy platelets and pairing them with thrombin and calcium chloride. The mixture includes a high concentration of platelets and a native concentration of fibrinogen.

When offering dental procedures, patient after-care should always be a priority. Making your patient feel comfortable throughout the process is essential as this will not only make it an easier experience for them, but for you, as a dentist too.

Phlebotomy Training Services offer certifications in the extraction of blood, which can further your career in the medical field. Our courses offer insight into the world of phlebotomy, highlighting the doors it can open for you in the future.

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