Britons under-report daily calorie intake

Researchers from the Behavioural Insights Team suggests that Britons are under-reporting their daily calorie consumption. This could be affecting policy maker who are trying to combat obesity. This could explain rising obesity levels, despite decades of surveys saying people are eating less. Government statisticians say the way calorie data is collated will change. ‘Tracking snacks’ Several official surveys, including […]

Your blood, what is it made of?

Your blood, what is it made of? Everyone has it, everyone needs it to live. Blood. The average human body contains approximately 8 pints (varies from person to person) of the red stuff. Below we will outline what is your blood made from and what a blood type is. What is it made from? Blood […]

Phlebotomy Training in Dublin

Phlebotomy Training in Dublin Our accredited Phlebotomy Training Course returns to Dublin on 17th & 18th September 2016. Contact the office ( +441609751610) for more information about the course or use our online booking system to secure your place. All of our courses are accredited by One Awards. One Awards is a Quality Assurance and […]