Why Train with PTS

Training with phlebotomy training services

Training with Phlebotomy Training Services

Accredited by ONE AWARDS

One Awards All of our courses are accredited by ONE Awards and we are scrupulously monitored and verified. Our courses are not simply printed on our own computers. We Train pupils our accredited courses have real value and are recognised across the healthcare sector. Our Courses require you to undertake 5 pieces of written work but we will support you through the process – just call or email us and we’re happy to help.


Teachers – Not Trainers

Phlebotomy Training Services insist that all of their tutors are not only experts in their field but also trained teachers.

Our phlebotomy teachers not only have the skills and expertise that you require but have undertaken teacher training, and understand the best way to pass information on to their students in a fun, varied and concise manner. Hopefully as one of our learners you will develop the same passion for phlebotomy as our tutors.

Low teacher : Pupil ratio

If you attend a PTS venepuncture course you don’t just get the help of one highly trained teacher. The industry standard is to have one trainer to every twelve students (1:12), but some companies can have as many as twenty-five students on one course and only one trainer (1:25) We rarely have 12 students, usually have no more than 10 and we ensure there is at least 1 PTS employee to each 6 pupils on the second day of the course

PTS will teach you to use both systems

There are two systems used in the UK for collecting blood – the evacuated system and the S-Monovette system. We teach you how to use, and give you the opportunity to practice with both. We do not limit the amount of equipment that is available to you – you can practice for as long as you like and use as many needles and bottles as you like.