Phlebotomy Training For Care Homes

Phlebotomy Training Services has been providing support to the care home sector for many years, working with leading companies like Elizabeth Finn Homes and Cygnet Health Care.

The courses, which have been designed and redefined by company director Alison Purkiss, are centred on enhancing the skills of your existing staff across the company, from non-medical through to GP’s.

Our courses, which can be delivered as a series of bespoke sessions or as a one-off, are all tailorable to your specific needs. The training can be undertaken at an established training venue in the UK, or in-house depending on your individual requirements.

All members of staff who complete the training are issued with a recognised certificate of proof and as the original established supplier of national accredited phlebotomy training, you can have confidence in the skills they possess.

Further information about our support for the health care sector can be found here:

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