Phlebotomy Training in Newcastle

Phlebotomy Training Newcastle

Since 2007 Phlebotomy training services have been one of the leading providers of phlebotomy training in the UK. We provide industry leading phlebotomy training in Newcastle, along with most other large UK cities. We were founded by Alison Purkiss. A trained Phlebotomist with over 15 years’ experience.

The main thing that sets us apart from other phlebotomy training providers is the skill of our trainers. Unlike most other companies, all out trainers are not only trained phlebotomists, but also fully qualified educators. We also limit the size of our classes. We could obviously make more money if we had more attendees, but that’s not how we work at Phlebotomy Training. We make sure there are no more than 6 students per trainer, and class sizes no bigger than 12.

Due to our experience, we can tailor all our phlebotomy training courses in Newcastle to suit you and your needs. In the past we have worked with students, health care professionals from the UK and overseas, medical researchers and sport scientists.

In the UK there are two main ways of extracting blood, these are the S-Monovette System and the Evacuated System. In our classes we will give you the chance to practice both with unlimited needles and vials available.

At phlebotomy training services we offer:

  • In-house training or training at one of our established training venues across the UK
  • One-off training courses, or bespoke training schemes to meet the ongoing needs of your organisation
  • Training tailored to complement the existing skill level of your team
  • Refresher training and mentoring to ensure continued staff development
  • Recognised certification to prove the skills of your staff

Importantly, the certification you receive at the end of the course is a properly recognised certification, as all our courses are accredited by ONE awards. This means the courses and certification are widely recognised across the healthcare sector.

Newcastle Venue Address:

Jurys Inn Newcastle

Scotswood Road

Newcastle Upon Tyne