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Phlebotomy Training Services are one of the leading providers of phlebotomy training in London. We were founded in 2007 by Alison Purkiss, who, over her 15 years as a phlebotomist, has worked in hospitals and GP practices across the wide expanse of the NHS. There are few phlebotomists in the country who are as experienced as Alison.

Here at Phlebotomy Training Services, our trainers are not just highly experienced in phlebotomy, they are also fully qualified educators who are able to provide training to the highest standard. All the knowledge in the world is useless if it can’t be passed on clearly and coherently. Thanks to our small class sizes of six people, we ensure that you will get the time and attention you need.

We offer a variety of courses in London that are designed to meet the specific needs of any learner. We can tailor our courses to suit health care professionals, medical students, medical researchers, sports scientists and health care professionals not from the UK.

There are two ways in which blood is extracted in the UK – the Evacuated System and the S-Monovette system – and we will teach you and give the chance to practice both. However, our London-based phlebotomy training courses can be tailored to suit your specific needs. We offer:

  • In-house training or training at one of our established training venues across the UK
  • One-off training courses, or bespoke training schemes to meet the ongoing needs of your organisation
  • Training tailored to complement the existing skill level of your team
  • Refresher training and mentoring to ensure continued staff development
  • Recognised certification to prove the skills of your staff

All our courses are accredited by Aim Group, and are recognised across the healthcare sector, so you can be certain the certification you receive upon completion of the course provides you with a fully-recognised qualification.

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Fantastic service, Alison and Andrew are great teachers. I thoroughly enjoyed this programme. Thank you!

Sophia Kitan Olaifa
July 11, 2023

I attended the Phlebotomy training course in York on the 4th to 5th February 2023 I thought the course was really well developed.The facilitators Andrew & Allison where great, fantastic knowledge of their discipline lots of tentive support and a lot of practice balanced with theroy.

john fox
February 11, 2023

Alison and Andrew are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about all things phlebotomy! They are encouraging and supportive and deliver a course designed to give learners the skills to take blood confidently and safely.

Helen Bianchi
February 11, 2023

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