Phlebotomy Training Services were founded over 10 years ago by Alison Purkiss. She founded PTS as she felt there was something missing from current training providers. What sets us apart is the level of the training we provide. All our trainers are fully qualified phlebotomists and educators, which means that they can provide a number of courses to a wide range of students.

This is how we are able to tailor our courses specifically to pharmacies. We have trained a number of pharmacists to be fully qualified phlebotomists. By doing so they are now able to offer a greater range of services and deliver a higher standard of service to their own clients.

In the past we have worked with commercial clients such as:

A recent student had this to say about the course they attended:

I attended the training with Olivia in Birmingham and was above and beyond what I expected to learn! I came away feeling confident to take blood…safely! Olivia was so thorough in her training and made the two days really enjoyable, she was incredibly professional yet full of life and entertaining at the same time! I used the skills I learnt to administer my first IV drip and cannot thank Olivia enough for giving me the skills and confidence to do this.

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