Medical Recruitment

Phlebotomy Training Services was founded on a basic set of principles. When we were established over 10 years ago Alison Purkiss, a qualified phlebotomist herself, saw that there was something missing from the training currently provided, and sought to do something about it.

Always the focus at Phlebotomy Training Services is on the student. This is why we make sure that we never have more than 6 students per trainer. We also only work with trainers who are not only fully qualified phlebotomists themselves, but also qualified educators.

When Medical recruiters are seeking to establish the Compliance of staff with NHS requirements, blood tests are a key part of the process. 

Where third parties are involved in the collection of blood samples delays and omissions can occur. 

When compliance officers are trained to take blood they can eliminate those potential delays by drawing blood from candidates when they meet them ensuring that samples are sent off for analysis and that results are received with the minimum of delay.

In that past we have worked with:

One student had this to say about their course:

Had the basic phlebotomy course this month in Milton Keynes with Jo. I’ve enjoyed it so much. She is such a great tutor. The theory was so clear and simple presented and we practiced a lot until we feeled fully prepared. She was speaking from her own experience so she caught my attention and my interest straight away. She was constantly encouraging us so now the confidence in my knowledge and skills is really high. Want to make a booking for the advanced course also and hope she will be there again. Thanks for everything! I’m so enthusiastic with this new direction in my life!

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