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Over 10 years ago Alison Purkiss founded Phlebotomy Training Services. She was a practicing phlebotomist herself and noticed that some of the training being provided was below a standard she felt correct. Therefore she established PTS based on a foundation of quality training.

To ensure that the training we provide is amongst the best available we adhere to a couple of strict rules. The first being that all our trainers are not only qualified phlebotomists, but also qualified educators. This means that each student gets the attention they need to become some of the highest calibre phlebotomists around.

Many GPs already have a phlebotomist on their staff. In recent months we have noticed a move to trading receptionists and HCAs to take blood. This enables cover to be given in cases of holidays or ill health and both Doctors and staff are realising the benefit of having a multi skilled team.

We can train any existing GP staff to take blood and offer advice on updating policies and procedures, the use of safety equipment and the selection of the best equipment available.

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A recent student had this to say about their course:

For anyone who is considering training as a phlebotomist I would thoroughly recommend attending a PTS training course. Had a fabulous time learning new skills last weekend in Glasgow, the weekend just flew by. Andrew and Alison are great at putting you at your ease, and no question is too stupid. Loads of time and equipment to develop your skills. Thank you very much Alison and Andrew and hope you’re feeling better Alison.

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