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Phlebotomy Training Services are amongst the most experienced and prestigious suppliers of phlebotomy training in the UK.

 Over 10 years old, we are built on a foundation of quality training and professional accreditations.

There are few that can rival the quality of the training we provide here at PTS. This is because all our training is built on a couple of simple tenets. The first is that we ensure a good student to trainer ratio by ensuring that there are no more than 6 students per trainer. The next is that all our trainers are qualified phlebotomists and also qualified educators, ensuring that our students get the best training available.

Dentists draw blood to extract PRP either for use to expedite healing after implant or other dental surgery or for cosmetic purposes.

As dentists seek to expand the services that they offer Dental nurses can be given the skills to draw blood to facilitate PRP extraction and this is an area where we are seeing considerable growth.

We can advise appropriate equipment, help in the preparation of policies and procedures smooth the introduction of a phlebotomy service into a practice

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One of our recent students gave us this feedback:

I really enjoyed doing the advanced phlebotomy course today. Learned so much more to enhance my current skills. Thank you Alison for being a lovely teacher very warm & friendly easy to talk to and really enjoyed today’s experience.

To find out more about the structure of the course, or how you can book one for yourself or team, just contact us here or call 01609 751 610.

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