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Since we were founded in 2007 Phlebotomy Training Services have rose to become one of the leading phlebotomy training providers in the UK. We were founded by Alison Purkiss, a phlebotomist with over 15 years’ experience.

Alison has worked across the breadth of the NHS, and with innumerable GPs and doctors surgeries. It is exactly this experience that sets us apart. Alison spotted a gap, and saw things could be done better. This is why we ensure that all our trainers are qualified educators, as well as accredited phlebotomists, and why we cap class sizes to 6 students per teacher.

In our classes in Brighton we train people from a variety of backgrounds to be phlebotomists. In the past we have had healthcare professionals from both the UK and overseas, sports scientists, medical researchers and medical students.

There are two methods of taking blood used in the UK. These are the S-Monovette System and the Evacuated System. In our classes in Brighton we will teach you both. We will also allow you access to as much equipment as you need. We offer:

  • In-house training or training at one of our established training venues across the UK
  • One-off training courses, or bespoke training schemes to meet the ongoing needs of your organisation
  • Training tailored to complement the existing skill level of your team
  • Refresher training and mentoring to ensure continued staff development
  • Recognised certification to prove the skills of your staff

If you pass the course you will be awarded a certification in phlebotomy. This certification will be recognised across the majority of the healthcare industry, as all our courses are accredited by ONE Awards.

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