When researching phlebotomy, or clicking around the PTS website and reading our downloads, you may have come across a few terms that you have not heard before. So below is a glossary of terms, to better help your understanding. If you come across something that is not on this list just drop us an email and we’ll get it added as soon as possible!

Artery – A blood vessel taking oxygenated blood away from the heart

Bruise – A collection of blood under the skin that has escaped from capillaries

Haematoma – A collection of blood under the skin that has escaped from a vein or an artery

Haemo – Relating to red blood cells

Haemoconcentration – Damage to a sample caused by leaving the tourniquet on too long

Haemolysiss – Damage to a sample caused by rupturing the red blood cells

Palpate – To feel for a vein under the skin

Phlebitis – Inflammation of a vein

Phlebotomy – ‘Phleb’ a Greek work, meaning to puncture a vein to take a blood sample.

Sclerosis – Thickening and hardening of the walls of a vein or an artery

Sharps – Things that can penetrate the skin

Vein – A blood vessel carrying deoxygenated blood back to the heart

Venepuncture – ‘Vena’ a Latin work for vein plus puncture, meaning the same as Phlebotomy


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