Phlebotomy Training Services offer a Diploma in Phlebotomy

course_infographic_-03Phlebotomy Training Services (PTS) are one of the most experienced Phlebotomy Training providers in the UK. We were founded by Alison Purkiss, in 2007.

PTS has enabled thousands of people to start their careers in phlebotomy. We have also helped innumerable health professionals improve and develop their skills in phlebotomy.

Along with our basic and advanced courses, PTS offer an advanced Diploma in Phlebotomy.

Once you have completed this training, which will take 9-18 months and includes a period of supervised practice, you will obtain either the Award, Certificate or Diploma in Phlebotomy depending upon the training that you choose.

The training will be nationally recognised and will be accredited up to the equivalent NVQ Level 3.

The best part is that if you have already taken our Basic or Advanced courses then you may already have some of the applicable learning needed to automatically complete some of the units; you may already be on your way to achieving this prestigious qualification.

The course is split into three sections, each covering different units. The three levels can be seen in the graphic below. The Diploma you are awarded at the end not only qualifies you as a fully qualified Phlebotomist, but is also the equivalent of a NVQ Level 3.

This is a fully comprehensive course, which not only covers all aspects of Phlebotomy, but also other aspects of healthcare. This means that ultimately you will be a more well-rounded, and experienced Phlebotomist.

To find out more about our diploma just call us on 01609 751 610, or contact us here.

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