Corporate Training

Corporate Training for Businesses and Researchers


Phlebotomy Training Services can help you develop the skills of your current staff.

In the past we have offered our training solutions to a number of industries and commercial clients, including:


Scientific research establishments

Occupational Health Providers

Sports Scientists

Professional sporting clubs

Some of the clients we have worked with include:

Regardless of whether you are looking to train staff to draw blood from your patients or your clients, Phlebotomy Training Services are the original, longest established and most widely recognised suppliers of nationally accredited and standardised phlebotomy training.

We can offer:

Training in-house or at one of our training venues across the UK.

One-off training courses, or bespoke corporate training schemes to meet the ongoing needs of your organisation

Training tailored to complement the existing skill level of your team

Recognised certification to prove the skills of your staff, and offer you peace of mind that they have received the highest quality of training.

For a course outline contact us, but we can tailor the course content to take your own policies and procedures into account.

Further information about our in house training can be found here: In House Training Information

Phlebotomy Assessment Service

If your staff are already taking blood we can assess their practice and if appropriate issue a Certificate of Competency and come back to rectify them on a regular basis

Further information can be found here: Phlebotomy Assessment Information

Capillary Blood Sampling and Analysis

This one day course will provide participants with all of the skills required to take capillary blood samples and to use the analyser within your facility successfully.

The course falls into three parts:

  1. General instruction as to how to take a capillary blood sample using a fingerprick
  2. Instruction as to how to use the client’s analyser of choice – which will be developed with each individual client and the appropriate manufacturer
  3. A practical demonstration of the skills required, a period of physical practice and then an assessment of the skills developed

Further information can be found here: Capillary blood collection Information

Phlebotomy for Non Diagnostic Research

We are now proud to offer our One day Phlebotomy Training Course tailored specifically to meet the needs of PhD students and other researchers who need to take blood Venepuncture for Non Diagnostic Research.

This course is also well suited to the needs of Occupational Health Nurses who need to take blood.

For further information on our Phlebotomy for Non Diagnostic Research please use the Link: Non Diagnostic Research Information

For further details on any of our courses please contact the office on 01609 751610.