One Day Refresher Course

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Once you have gained your qualification in phlebotomy, you are qualified for life. However, there are many reasons why you may not practice phlebotomy for a while. If you come back round to taking blood, then it is wise to refresh yourself of the technicalities and practices of phlebotomy.

This is why Phlebotomy Training Services developed the One Day Refresher Course.

This course covers the basics of phlebotomy, as well as giving you a chance to physically practice taking bloods on a dummy, before having to practice it on a real person.

In the course you will cover:

  • Infection control
  • Informed consent
  • Anatomy and physiology of the arm
  • Site selection – good & bad veins and complications
  • Needle stick injury and protocols
  • What is expected of a phlebotomist
  • Correct identification of patient
  • How to find a vein including the difference Between good and bad veins
  • Tourniquet and the effect of leaving it on too Long of putting it in the incorrect place
  • Haemolysis and haemoconcentration

The course was developed by the director and founder of PTS, Alison purkiss. Alison is a phlebotomist with over 20 year’s experience. In 2007 she founded Phlebotomy Training Services as she noticed there was a lack of quality training available in the UK, and she sought to change that.

Since the beginning we have strived to provide the best quality training available in the UK. This is why we worked hard to ensure that all our courses are accredited by One Awards, ensuring that all our courses are recognised nationwide.

To find out more about the one-day refresher course just call us on 01609 751 610 or contact us here.