The Basic Phlebotomy Course

This 2-day course is the starting point for most of our students. Throughout the course you will look at the theory behind phlebotomy and will be given the opportunity to develop your practical skills using the most up to date techniques and equipment.

The course covers all of the competencies set out in CHS132 (National Occupational Standard for Phlebotomy). Once completed you will have all of the skills and knowledge necessary to be able to work as a phlebotomist.

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Find out more from the Basic Course Info Pack (PDF): Basic Course Information

You may be eligible for funding to attend our training – For further information see our FAQ page.


Advanced Phlebotomy Training

This 1-day course covers taking blood from the hands and feet including site selection and the associated complications. The course also covers the correct use of the butterfly system and small gauge needles; introducing you to new methods of blood collection and helping you to deal with more difficult patients.

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Find out more from the Advanced Course Info Pack (PDF): Advanced Phlebotomy Training Information

You may be eligible for funding to attend our training – For further information see our FAQ page.


Clinical Experience

Put your new skills into practice with our increasingly popular clinical experience days.

Following the Basic Phlebotomy course, students can book to attend a session in a clinic where they will take bloods from patients under the supervision of one of our mentors. Successful completion of this course can lead to a Certificate of Competency being awarded.

More information is available by clicking the next link: Clinical Experience Information


Capillary Blood Sampling and Analysis

This one day course will provide participants with all of the skills required to take and analyse samples of capillary blood taken using a fingerprick. For further details see our Training for Healthcare Employers or Training for Businesses and Researchers pages or call the office on 01609 751610

If you are looking for training for a group of scientists, sports scientists or other researchers, our Venepuncture for Non-Diagnostic Research course may be more appropriate for you. Please see the Corporate Phlebotomy Training page of our website or contact us on 01609 751610 for further details.

Please remember that you must be 17 or over to attend any of our training courses.

We use safety equipment in all of our training in compliance with the Health and Safety (Sharp Instruments in Healthcare Regulations) 2013