Careers Advice

Phlebotomy Careers Advice

A huge part of what we do at Phlebotomy Training Services is based around helping people find work as phlebotomists. Our accredited courses are well regarded in the health care industry, and any student that has undertaken one has much higher chances of working as a phlebotomist than one that hasn’t.

The founder of PTS, Alison, was a practicing phlebotomist long before she started providing training. This means we have a very real idea of what training is actually needed to help you in the real world. It also means that we are in an advantageous position to offer careers advice.

Due to our position in the phlebotomy industry, we have close ties with a number key industry figures. One organisation we have close ties with is The Phlebotomy Centre. The phlebotomy centre offer, among many other things, careers advice, and we highly recommend them and their services.

However, we have learned a few tips and tricks ourselves.

Apply for any job you see, regardless of the experience required in the job description. The description lists the ideal candidate, not necessarily the client they will take on. And the qualification you have gained from us will go a long way.

Good places to look for roles include:

We would also recommend simply dropping in your CV in to your local surgeries or hospitals with a copy of your clinical assessment and certificate.

You could also try the NHS choices website. You can use this to search GPs, hospitals etc. in your area. Just type in your postcode and it usually brings up at least 50+ results.