Blood-Carrying Drones Could Save Lives in Rural UK

Unmanned drones could soon be used to transport much-needed blood, medicine and medical equipment to patients in some of the more far-flung areas of the UK, according to a report by the BBC.

Using drones to deliver blood and hospital medicine could provide a “reliable and low-cost” solution for patients in rural Wales, say researchers at Aberystwyth University.  Depending on their findings, further research could be carried out to assess the viability of using drones to deliver samples and medical equipment such as defibrillators. As well as providing better healthcare coverage to isolated areas, drones could mean that patients are able to stay at home rather than relying on hospitals, providing welcome respite to hospital staff.

January 2018’s Parliamentary Review of Health and Social Care in Wales recommended that the country “should maximise the benefits of technology and innovation” in order to “deliver more effective and efficient care”. Hywel Da University Health Board’s Matthew Willis said that “there is nothing stopping us from using this technology and these drones to deliver this care.”

The public view of drones went from handy gadget to severe nuisance in December last year, when around 1,000 flights were either cancelled or diverted and some 140,000 passengers were affected following repeated drone sightings at Gatwick Airport. The researchers say that focus groups will be used to allay any “uncertainty or concerns” surrounding the potential role of drones in society.

Medical equipment is already delivered via drones in some of the world’s more remote regions, where poor infrastructure can lead to fatal delays. Hospitals in Rwanda often have to wait multiple days for vital supplies to arrive – the use of drones can cut the wait to around 20 minutes. As the first educationally-accredited phlebotomy training company in the UK, Phlebotomy Training Services are experts in the provision of comprehensive phlebotomy training courses. We offer basic and advanced courses all year round to sectors across the healthcare industry. To find out more, contact us today by calling 01609 751 610 or emailing the team at