Taking the Next Step in Your Career with Phlebotomy

Provided that you aren’t the squeamish type, phlebotomy is a very useful skill to have in a wide variety of medical and healthcare professions, which include:

  • Dental Practices
  • Nutritionists
  • Midwifery
  • Physicians and Nurses
  • Care workers
  • And more…

Professionals in these industries are already providing a quality service to patients and clients. Whether a public or private sector healthcare professional, additional qualifications can do no harm to career aspirations.

Many of the gaps to the next level are just one qualification away and improving your own skillset could be the difference in taking your company or your career to the next level.

For private sector healthcare professionals, an additional qualification in phlebotomy could help boost client retention and acquisition. For public sector healthcare professionals, that qualification could be the trigger to the next phase of your career and be the life changing difference in a patient’s life.

Healthcare professionals at the more experienced levels of their careers such as specialists or consultants may have embarked on a phlebotomy training course at some point in their career.

Whatever reason you have for wanting to broaden your skills in healthcare, phlebotomy training courses are a useful way to add more qualifications to your repertoire.

At Phlebotomy Training Services, we roll out our Advanced Courses throughout Great Britain*. To learn more about our courses, feel free to call us on 01609 751 610, or visit the Book a Course section on our website to get involved.

*To find out more about our Ireland courses, visit Book a Course for Ireland.