Phlebotomy Training Services Enter into Partnership with the University of Bradford

Phlebotomy Training Services are extremely proud to announce that we have entered into a new partnership with the University of Bradford. This revolutionary partnership will see us providing phlebotomy training courses to the students of the University, as well as members of the public.

This comes as part of a new scheme launched by the University to provide easily accessible, free health services to the populace of Bradford to help improve the standard of living, but also to help their medical students gain real life exposure to treating patients.

The scheme is part of DHEZ, a revolutionary new company which aims to tackle the struggles of public health via digital solutions.

PTS are extremely proud to be playing our part in this scheme. We will be providing phlebotomy training courses every couple of weeks to classes of no more than 10 people. Being a revolutionary new approach to health it will require a lot of research to develop and implement properly. This means taking blood.

Not only this, but the ease of which the public of Bradford can access the course means that we will be helping more people than ever find work in the health sector by working as phlebotomists.

To find out more about DHEZ you can visit their site here. Or to find out more about the basic course which we will be providing there you can visit this page.