Blood and Urine Tests That Could Indicate Autism in Children

Researchers believe a new kind of blood and urine test could indicate autism in children.

Academics conducted research on damaged proteins and believe that their results are the first of their kind and could eventually lead to earlier detection of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

The University of Warwick researchers discovered chemical differences between blood and urine samples taken from a group of 38 children diagnosed with ASD and a control group of 31 children without ASD, between the ages of five and 12.

ASDs are defined as developmental disorders mainly affecting social interaction and include a wide spectrum of behavioural problems, including speech disturbances, repetitive and/or compulsive behaviour, hyperactivity, anxiety, and difficulty to adapt to new environments, some with or without cognitive impairment.

The academic team behind the research believe the tests will eventually mean children with autism could be given appropriate treatment much earlier in their lives.

Dr Naila Rabbani, reader of experimental systems biology at the University of Warwick, said that the discovery “could lead to earlier diagnosis and intervention.” Hoping the tests will also reveal new causative factors. Further testing may reveal specific plasma and urinary profiles or ‘fingerprints’ of compounds with damaging modifications. This could help improve the diagnosis of ASD and open up possibilities of discovering the cause of these disorders.

UK autism research charity, Autistica is remaining cautious about the results. At this stage results are not strong enough to suggest that this method of research could be used for a diagnosis of Autism.

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