8 Vital Questions About Phlebotomy Training

So, you’ve decided to become a phlebotomist. We think that’s brilliant! Welcome to a wonderful world where no two days will ever be the same. Now you have to take the next step and get your qualification, so you can start finding your dream phlebotomy job.

If you are doing your research you will no doubt find a few phlebotomy training providers in the UK. We think this research is a vital part of the phlebotomy process, so we would like to offer our advice on some vital questions to ask when looking at phlebotomy training providers.

1 Who will the certificate come from, and what is their standing as an awarding body?

Our certificates are awarded by One Awards, and are nationally recognised in the Healthcare Sector in the UK.

  1. Will you get to use clip and disposable tourniquets?

At PTS you will get to use both.

  1. Will you be trained to use safety equipment in accordance with Statutory Instrument 645?

This is par for the course at PTS, as it is an essential skill for a working phlebotomist.

  1. Will You use the S-Monovette system as well as the Evacuated system?

In one of our courses you will be taught them both, to the fullest extent.

  1. Is there a limit on the amount of equipment that you will be allowed to use?

We bring more equipment than you could ever need to each of our courses – we work hard to ensure you have everything you need to gain your certification.

  1. How long has your provider been established?

PTS was founded in 2007 by Alison Purkiss, a phlebotomist herself with over 20 year’s experience.

  1. Is your chosen provider respected and trusted within the healthcare sector.

Phlebotomy Training Services have worked as advisors to the BBC, amongst many other large, respected organisations.

  1. Can you see honest feedback and reviews from your chosen provider?

Just have a look at our Facebook page at one of our many, many pieces of feedback.

If you would like to know more about any of the services or training that we provide then just call us on 01609 751 610 or contact us here. We’d be more than happy to talk.