A Company Has Developed Artificial Blood, Which Could Revolutionise Trauma Treatments

Blood transfusions have successfully been used to treat trauma patients since the 19th century. However, the act has never been without risks. Even when matching blood type to blood type, accidents do happen, and sometimes diseases from the donor can be passed along to the recipient.

But, a company has recently developed an artificial blood, which can be used to successfully treat trauma patients, with no risks of disease transmission.

SpheriTech, a British company, has developed synthetic blood it calls SpheriSome Hb which is a haemoglobin-based oxygen carrier.

After this development SpheriTech received an undisclosed sum in research funds from Innovative UK to further develop this revolutionary product.

Dr Don Wellings, founder and MD of SpheriTech based in Runcorn, Cheshire, said: “The use of donated blood in transfusion therapy, while effective in restoring an adequate supply of oxygen in the body of the recipient, has several limitations.

“Although testing procedures exist to detect the presence of certain diseases in blood, these procedures cannot eliminate completely the risk of blood-borne disease.”

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