What Sets Phlebotomy Training Services Apart?

There are many providers of phlebotomy training in the UK. It is an impressive career to embark on, and a vital skill to have when pursuing other careers, such as scientific research of dentistry. But how do you know which training provider to go with?

Obviously we may be slightly biased, but we really believe that Phlebotomy Training Services provides something that no other training provider does. After all, that is the principle we were founded on.

PTS were founded by Alison Purkiss in 2007. A fully qualified and practicing phlebotomist herself, she noticed that there seemed to be a gap for high quality training. Phlebotomy, the practice of taking blood, is a vital task that has ramifications all across the medical sector: it is imperative that there are skilled phlebotomists out there practicing this craft.

This is why she decided to set up Phlebotomy Training Services.

She founded it on a number of principles, all built around the learner. The first is that all the training providers are not only fully qualified and practicing phlebotomists, but also have teaching qualifications.

All the knowledge in the world is useless if it cannot be put across in a clear and coherent manner. With proper teaching qualifications all our trainers are capable of passing on their hard earned knowledge and experience in an easy and digestible manner.

The next principle we adhere to is having no more than 6 students per trainer. This means that each student gets the attention they need to be able to pass the practical exam at the end of the course, and go on to becoming fully qualified phlebotomists in their own right.

We can also tailor our courses to suit the learner. We know that not all the students that attend our courses will be unskilled. We have students from all walks of life, from medical researchers to dentists. This is why, if needed, we can tailor our courses to suit the current skill level of the student.

To find out more about our courses just give us a call on 01609 751 610, or contact us here.