New Blood Collecting Hardware to Land in the UK

A leading global medical technology company, Becton Dickinson, has launched a new blood collection set. It recently achieved European CE marking and so has launched the new set in the UK. It is called the BD Vacutainer UltraTouch Push Button Blood Collection Set.

The set employs technology which basically makes the patient more comfortable by making the needle less painful when being inserted. BD calls this technology ‘PentaPoint’ which makes it sound like some horrific 5-pointed needle, but it is much less sinister. The technology has been used in BD’s insulin injection needles and studies have shown that this design helps reduce the chance of a painful injection. It does this by creating a flatter, thinner needle to help penetrate with superior ease.

Furthermore, the new device uses what BD call ‘RightGauge’ technology. This increases the needle’s inner diameter without impacting the strength of the needle. This means that a smaller gauge needle can be used to make the patient feel more comfortable and will be less painful. This also aids in difficult venous access and can make life much easier for patients, without sacrificing the quality of the blood. By utilising both technologies, the BD UltraTouch Push Button Blood Collection Set has been shown to decrease penetration forces by up to 32 percent.

The device also delivers proven protection for healthcare professionals who perform the blood drawing procedure. Needlestick injuries are dangerous for healthcare professionals as it can cause serious complications. Needlestick is the term used when healthcare professional may accidentally injure themselves with the used needle or scalpel.

Mike Fairbourn, Vice President and General Manager for BD in the UK and Ireland said: “Phlebotomy is often one of the first procedures hospital patients undergo and it can set the tone for their experience, the combination of BD’s latest technology will both reduce pain and improve clinicians’ ability to access difficult veins, enhancing the experience for all those involved. Clinicians can select the gauge that is most appropriate for their patients, without compromising sample quality, testing accuracy or their own efficiency.”

Anything that improves the comfort of the patient and efficiency with which blood is drawn is something that Phlebotomy Training services can get behind.

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