Is the Secret to Eternal Youth Found in Young Blood

We already know that blood is an incredible substance, and the work it carries out in our bodies is vital. But now it seems it might also be the secret to reversing ageing.

A study has been carried out by a team in California which saw them injecting blood donated from 18 year olds into mice. The research company, called Alkahest, found that when they injected middle aged mice with the donated blood the ageing process slowed.

Prior to the injection the mice who were 12 months old, which is the equivalent of middle age in humans, showed normal levels of ageing. This, which includes symptoms like reduced speed and a diminished memory. But within three weeks of the treatment the mice started developing new brains cells and exhibited greater speed and reaction times.

This is quite an astounding discovery, even though something similar has been found before when the blood from young mice helped to slow the ageing process in other animals.

Alkahest have some theories about why this process has happened, and how the blood has had the effect it has. However they have yet to reveal their findings. Though once the process has been finalised and solidified it is hoped that it may be used to treat people with Alzheimer’s as well as providing anti-ageing treatments.

Previous experiments have involved stitching old and young mice together, in order to force them to share a blood stream. This worked out in an almost predictable fashion given the above findings. The young mice showed quicker signs of ageing, whereas the old mice showed reduced signs of ageing.

This is a fascinating study that Phlebotomy Training Services will keep a close eye on. Who knows, perhaps the blood you may take in future will be used in a landmark study like this one. To find out more about the training courses Phlebotomy Training Services provides just call us on 01609 751 610.