What Career Paths are Available for Trained Phlebotomists

The one thing we do really well at Phlebotomy Training Services, is train people to be phlebotomists.

There are many things that set us apart from other training providers, one is our limited class sizes. By limiting our classes to 6 people per trainer we can make sure that you are getting the attention that you need. The other is that all our trainers are qualified educators, as well as qualified phlebotomists. This means that they can teach, and train, to a better degree than others.

Also, Alison Purkiss, the founder of Phlebotomy Training Services has over 15 years of experience working as a phlebotomist. She has worked across the breadth of the NHS and with innumerable GPs. This puts her in a unique position to be able to advise on what to do with your training after you are a qualified phlebotomist.

That is what we would like to cover in this article, exactly what you can do with your training once you are a qualified phlebotomist. There are many career paths to take, and it is important you figure out which one you feel would suit you best. There is obviously a chance that you are doing the course for a specific reason, and already have a career path laid out, but if not, then this post is for you.

Obviously, the role you do will be much the same. As a phlebotomist it is your job to take blood from a patient. This could be used for a multitude of reasons, but it usually for testing for various reasons. This is why good training is incredibly important to be a good phlebotomist. The blood must be taken following very specific protocols so it is not tainted and will still be testable.

As well as being skilled in simply taking blood a phlebotomist must be good in other areas, these are:

  • Reassuring nervous or distressed patients
  • Applying dressing to the puncture wound created
  • Properly labelling the blood sample
  • Delivering the sample in a set timescale
  • Accurately completing all the data entry needed

With regards to employment, we can help. Though we cannot directly place you in a role, Phlebotomy Training Services has a sister company, known as Phlebotomy Personnel. At Phlebotomy Personnel we will try and find you your ideal role, and set you down the first step of your phlebotomy career. Call us now on 01609 751 610.


Successful Courses Delivered in August

August was a busy month for Phlebotomy Training Services with a number of courses taking place over the UK.

The month started with weekend training events in Middlesbrough, before a further weekend courses in Birmingham, Brighton and Manchester. Some of the feedback we have received from the courses has been superb, with many of the attendees getting more than they imagined from the courses.

Find out more about what they said by clicking here for a link to our facebook page.


Phlebotomy Training Services team support local Charity

The staff at Phlebotomy Training Services has recently completed a 5km colour run for Herriot Hospice Homecare to help them provide high quality support in the local area.

The event, which took place on Saturday 13th of August at Catterick Racecourse, sold out before the day and the dry weather meant fun was had by all.

Herriot Hospice Homecare are one of North Yorkshire’s well known hospices and provide excellent care for a number of patients and their families. If you would like to know more about them, visit their website at


Phlebotomy Training – October 2016

Phlebotomy  Training – October Course Locations 2016

Below is a list of our accredited 2 day phlebotomy training course locations for October:

Sheffield + Southampton 1-2nd October

York + Bristol 8-9th October

Birmingham (sold out) 15-16th October

Manchester + SW London 22-23rd October

For those people who are interested in the Birmingham course that has sold out, the next course is to be held on 12-13th November 2016

If you would like anymore information you can about the content of the 2 day course please click here,

If you wish to book a place on these course please click here, or call us on 1609 751610 to speak to a member of the team.



What Does Blood Do?

Recently we looked at what blood is made of. But in today’s post we want to look at the function it carries out in the body.

At Phlebotomy training we have an intimate knowledge of the way blood works, and moves around the body. But we know that many people may not. To put it simply, we find the role of blood within the body to be utterly fascinating, so we thought we’d write a post about what blood does within the body.

  • Blood Protects Us

It does this in two main ways. The first is that it clots at the site of an open wound, preventing you from losing too much blood. The second way is that our white blood cells have antibodies in them, these antibodies defend us from infection and foreign bodies.

  • It Fuels Us

Blood carries oxygen to cells and tissues allowing us to move and function properly. It also delivers essential nutrients to cells around the body such as amino acids, glucose, and fatty acids. At the same time it carries away waste such a carbon dioxide, lactic acid and urea.

  • It is a Message Deliverer

By transporting hormones around the body blood passes along messages that affect us in a number of ways.

  • It is our central heating system

Blood constantly works to regulate our heat. When we are warm, whether this is from exercise or the weather, blood flows to the skin to keep your internal organs cool, and to speed up our body’s natural cooling process (sweating). When we get cold blood retreats into the body to warm and protects our vital organs.

Obviously we are slightly biased here at Phlebotomy Training, but we think blood is quite incredible. Phlebotomy training was founded in 2007 by Alison Purkiss who has over 15 years’ experience working as a phlebotomist. We provide phlebotomy training across the length and breadth of the UK, in cities such as Dublin, Newcastle and Birmingham. Check our course page for more details, or call us on 01609 751 610.