Accredited Phlebotomy Courses

Do you need phlebotomy training? If so, why not use book on to our accredited phlebotomy courses.

Remember to always use an accredited phlebotomy training provider like Phlebotomy Training Services:

We train for Hospitals and CCGs all round the UK. We work regularly a number of top Universities and in the private healthcare sector. Our clients include Nuffield Health, Cygnet Healthcare, MHA, and Partnerships in Care. We have worked with the RAF and train people leaving the forces using MOD grants.

Since 2007 we have trained over 1,500 people a year using our accredited phlebotomy courses.

We don’t think that any other provider has such a comprehensive¬†list of organisations of who use us for our training expertise.

We run our courses nationwide. So if you live in the UK, we will have a near to you.

Our Courses

Our accredited phlebotomy courses are taught by experience phlebotomist who are qualified teachers. The basic course is written so that even if you have no experience in a clinical environment, you will get all the knowledge you need and the practical skills required to start a career in phlebotomy. Please see our courses page for more information.

For more information about our upcoming courses please see our book a course page.