Read some of the testimonials that Phlebotomy Training Services have received for our various courses.

Dear Alison, Andrew and the team at PTS thank you very much for delivering truly a very satisfying phlebotomy training skills especially for the Non-Diagnostic Research work for our teaching, technical and research staff at School of Sports Exercise & Health Sciences at Loughborough University. After nearly 10 years of booking with you for our in-house training delivery, must mean something, which words alone fail me to express fully my appreciation of your services. Just after every training is over I am approached by further interested candidates, which perhaps means you will need to come out to us twice yearly, so thank you once more. I have just today distributed the certificates to all those candidates who underwent the training in January 2016!
Loughborough University – 19/04/2016

Just to let you know that I’ve now started my new role as Phlebotomist/Medical Laboratory Assistant at the Gloucester Royal Hospital and I’m really enjoying it! The course provided by Phlebotomy Training Services was very professional, rewarding and provided me with a good solid platform and the relevant knowledge for my new role. The course also provided me with the confidence required for the Interview Panel QA during the selection process. I can honestly say the Phlebotomy course played a key role in my successful job application so thanks very much and good luck to you all in the future. Kind Regards
Marisela Murphy – 01/02/2016

Just wanted to say again that I really really enjoyed the course and thought you guys were absolutely brilliant. I am even keeping phlebotomy in the back of my mind as an option to keep as a career path if I ever get bored of being a pharmacist (which is highly likely). I never thought I would actually think that when I stepped through the door on saturday morning (especially since i have been massacred in the past!!)…..but you have almost (only almost) converted me! thanks again
Phil Griffiths – 28/08/2015

Hi this message is more for Jayne as she was the first tutor I had two years ago. I just want you to know how I’ve progressed, I’ve been a phlebotomist for two surgeries at the same time splitting the days between them. Now I’ve just been taken on as a phlebotomist for the John Radcliffe hospital and also Churchill in Oxford. I am their community Phlebotomist so I have a company car and all expenses paid. Another good thing is I’m full time which as you know is quite rare. I just want you to know how great full I am for the training on both courses, I would be here without your guidance so thank you so much. Oh one of my colleague will be joining you in Oxford shortly her name is Leanne I just hope she does you proud and me as I pointed her in your direction. Many thanks
Sue Hughes – 20/05/2015

Dear Massimo and Max, I would like to thank you for training me as a Phlebotomist this past weekend 18/19 06 2016 . I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the class room session. Firstly you made us feel at ease and comfortable which made us open up and we took away lots and lots of knowledge with us. I have never dreamt in a million years to be a Phlebotomist but because of your great teaching techniques and personality, you gave me the confidence and the skill I acquired from you just naturally developed. I have started taking bloods at my work place on the 21/6/16 and I found that all the hard work during the class room training really paid of. I must say on a person it is much easy to penetrate the needle than on the prosthetic arm. I guess this was to prepare me for the worse. Once again thank you and I look forward to submitting my essay/ assignment. Have a blessed day.
Ayisha Sebastien – 29/06/16

I attended the two day level 3 phlebotomy course by Phlebotomy Training Services held in Liverpool 14-15 May 2016. There was an unusually small group of just 6 that attended the course made up of 5 ladies and 1 man. Jo Marchant was out tutor for the two days and she proved to be an excellent person to teach us. I was booked on the course as I had recently aquired a job as a HCA in a Dr’s surgery. They required someone to run their blood clinic every morning to relieve the practice nurse so she could concentrate on chronic disease management. The theory of the course mainly took place on the first day where we learned about the many different aspects involved in venesection including hygeine, tecnique, procedure, different systems and possible complications. At the end of day 1 we were given a multiple choice questionaire. Jo had covered all the material in class and had made sure that we understood so if we were listening properly there was no need for mistakes. The second day was mainly filled with practical work. We were working in pairs and given as much time and as many needles and tubes as we needed until we felt we were confident to undertake the practical exam. Jo was with us every step of the way to answer any questions and gave us oodles of confidence. Even so, I was feeling very nervous on entering the examination room. This was probably down to general nerves and being in a test enviroment than a lack of confidence in my ability. I was also aware in the back of my mind that I was returning to work the very next day with a full clinic of patients booked in with me expecting to have their blood samples taken. My practical exam went very well. I scored 34/34 and was so pleased with myself. We had to go through the whole procedure from calling the patient in, taking the sample and giving aftercare. We had to remember some key points such as indentifying the patient, correct hand washing, using the torniquet correctly and a nice smooth and accurate puncture into the skin with the needle. Although I felt very confident during the exam , my hands were very shakey. Now that I have gone on to gain some clinical experience I realise that this is normal and to be expected when you first start taking live bloods. Jo made sure that I went away from the course feeling confident and competent in my ability even though I was aprehensive of what the next day would bring. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience of the course. I do not feel that on the job training could be as effective as we learned to understand the veins and how they work, good and poor practice and how to deal with complications should they arise. Although I believe you do not truly learn until you gain the experience, the experience would be useless without the knowlege. The knowledge that leads to great phlebotomists! Thank you Phlebotomy Training Services and Jo.
Natalie Roberts 20/06/2016

I had a very enjoyable weekend and found the course very informative. Great experience all in all
Alex Gould

Well worth the cost of the course and tutors very likeable. Made you feel at ease and would recommend.
Tracey Cropley

This was an excellent worthwhile course probably one of the best that I have experienced giving me the confidence to practice as a phlebotomist within my area of work – Thank you so much I could not have asked for 2 better trainers.
Antoinette Phang – St John’s Therapy Centre

Phlebotomy Training Services is a company who should be recognised by the NHS. The training delivered was of great calibre and in a comfortable situation. The course is a great way of gaining the confidence needed to carry out phlebotomy knowing that what you have been taught was sound.
Cpl Tony Keenan – 3 Commando Brigade

Course over…here comes the theory !! Such an intense course over the weekend, feeling a little jaded now, but sooooo worth it….Many thanks to Jayne and Sid for the care and relentless confidence and professionalism, they clearly are the EXPERTS. Onwards and upwards !!!
Kaye Llywelyn

“My experience of the phlebotomy training course was an extremely enjoyable one. I was nervous, not knowing anyone, but Steve broke the ice so very well and everyone was at ease within the first half an hour. The information delivered was easier to remember than I think it normally would be because Steve had a way of making things lighthearted and fun. He did this though without detracting from the seriousness of what was being learned/taught. I think when you are comfortable and at ease when learning, things sink in better. The equipment available was plentiful and we were not restricted in the amount we used. In fact Steve encouraged us to use whatever we needed to in order to feel confident using and handling it.On the day of the practical exam, I had a few failed attempts when practising the blood draws. This coupled with my pre exam nerves knocked my confidence massively and I was getting quite flustered. Steve took time to help calm me with his humour and watch me draw and point out where I was going wrong.In the one to one practise he told me how capable I was and it was just my nerves holding me back. I could tell he meant what he was saying and is gave me just what I needed to get through my exam with confidence and ease. I can’t recommend this course strongly enough to anyone wanting to learn about phlebotomy. It’s the whole package, from teaching, to offering the assistance in gaining employment with your new skills.”
Nina Salmon

“Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the course this weekend. It was an excellent course – extremely well run and organised and the perfect mix of theory and practical work. I will be starting my (in-house) assessment in a few weeks and should be able to practice as a phlebotomist throughout the trust by the end of the year – hats off to Jayne and Sid for the way they taught us . This course has given my confidence a great boost and was worth every penny !”
Roman Galaska

Very professional and accommodating tutor. Excellent communication skills which made everything easy to understand
Claire Giffney

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and had some wonderful tuition and support from the tutors. i would strongly recommend this particular course to anyone interested in phlebotomy.
Aimee McNamara