Phlebotomy Training Services were founded by Alison Purkiss over 10 years ago. We were founded on the principles of quality training and a focus on the students, something Alison felt was missing from current training providers.

A qualified phlebotomist herself, she saw that there was a flaw in how phlebotomy training was currently carried out, and by working to a few key principles she founded PTS. At our courses all the trainers are not only qualified phlebotomists, but also qualified educators. We also ensure that there are never more than 6 students per trainer at any of our courses. These two guides ensure that all our students receive the necessary attention they need to pass our courses.

Due to the depth of knowledge our trainers have we can tailor our courses to suit a range of commercial clients, including universities. We have worked with a number of universities in the past, usually with people from research departments. Some of the commercial clients we have worked with include:

One recent student said this about their phlebotomy course:

I received training from Alison Purkiss at the University of Stirling. She was absolutely wonderful, and made every effort to make us feel comfortable with using all of the equipment. She created a relaxed environment for us to endlessly practice, which took away a lot of pressure and nerves. I would definitely recommend using PTS if you are looking at getting a phlebotomy certification.

To find out more about corporate training, and how to book Phlebotomy Training Services for your business, just call us now on 01609 751 610 or contact us here.