Care Homes

Phlebotomy Training Services were founded over 10 years ago by Alison Purkiss. With over 15 years’ experience as a phlebotomist Alison noticed that there was a lack of quality training available in the UK, and set to change it.

Therefore PTS was founded on the principles of quality training. We ensure this happens in two main ways. The first is to ensure that we never have more than 6 students per trainer in each class. We also ensure that all our trainers are fully qualified educators as well as being qualified phlebotomists. By doing so we ensure that all our students get the attention and quality training they need to be successful phlebotomists.

We have worked with a number of care homes in the past, all of whom have benefitted from having an on-site phlebotomist. Some of our commercial clients include:

One of our recent students had this to say about their course:

I attended a course and I was a bit sceptical, thinking they can’t teach us much in 2 days but I finished it and I got amazed how much you learn in such short period. I recommend this course to everyone. You have toys to practice on with the real stuff and you spend a lot of time practicing. I am still impressed by the quality of service; educators are amazing and they know how to teach you everything you need to know. Most important part is that you also have to be engaged.

To find out more about corporate training, and how to book Phlebotomy Training Services for your business, just call us now on 01609 751 610 or contact us here.