PhleDOGomy… PTS Visit Canine Clinics

PhleDOGomy… PTS Visit Canine Clinics

PhleDOGomy… PTS Visit Canine Clinics

Whilst PTS are known for the teaching and practice of taking blood from humans, we were recently given the opportunity to put our skills to use elsewhere. We were requested to teach staff at canine fertility clinics to take blood from dogs!

To begin with, our staff did some preliminary research by spending some time at a local vet to brush up on their knowledge before heading to clinics in Staffordshire and Tyneside.

The Staffordshire canine clinic breeds dogs for confirmation and other dog shows. In addition to this, facilities are available for customers to bring their dogs to enquire about dog pregnancies, sperm analysis, and IVF treatment which our team were all very excited to see during their time there.

Both clinics are also in practice of progesterone testing; this allows them to pinpoint when female dogs are at the optimum stage for insemination in order to maximise the likelihood of pregnancy.

Our team found it interesting that ultimately consent has to be given by the owner. In terms of physically taking blood from a dog, there were two main methods.

  1. Needle and syringe method used in the veterinary industry
  2. Safety butterfly needle

Most owners were happier with the safety butterfly needle method. Prior to any blood taking, due to their thick coats, the area of injection on dogs needs to be shaved. Operating on around five dogs, PTS Phlebotomists drew blood from the cephalic vein which is found down the side of a dog’s front legs. Good co-operation between the practitioner taking the blood and the owner of the dog receiving the injection is essential, as it is likely the owner will have to restrain the dog during operation.

PTS Phlebotomist Jo said afterwards:

“Had a great time today working here! Actually got to take bloods off the dogs as they wanted me to do it first.”

She continued:

“The dogs never flinched and were as good as gold”

As a team, we are thankful to both the Staffordshire and Tyneside clinics for allowing our qualified and highly trained practitioners to visit their clinics. We hope that it was an enjoyable experience for their staff, customers, and dogs too! If you would like to learn more about phlebotomy and how it can advance your career prospects, you can call and speak to a member of our team on 01609 751 610. Alternatively, if you want to book straight on to one of our courses, visit the Book A Course page on our website to find out when we are next carrying them out in a city near you.